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August 9, 2018

I was tagged by Catherine from https://thisisoneforthebooks.wordpress.com.

The Rules

  1. Collect any number of images that you feel represent you as a person—your personality, aspirations, favourite things, anything at all that makes you you.
  2. Put your chosen images together into a collage of whatever size and shape you find pleasing.
  3. Share your masterpiece with everyone, in all the places.
  4. Maybe nominate other bloggers as a way to tell them, “Hey, you, I think you’re awesome, and we should celebrate that awesome being”.


Untitled design

  1. I am pretty in love with tarot. Particularly, I wanted to depict my favorite deck, Shadowscapes.
  2. Black cats are lovely, but I’m just a cat lady at heart so I’ll take any cat.
  3. As a Pisces, I love being near water, especially the ocean. I’m terrified of sharks, though, so I’m unlikely to actually go into the water.
  4. A cluttered altar space probably describes my practice pretty well. I’m organized in my own messy way.
  5. I think the middle square speaks for itself.
  6. Books. I don’t feel like I need to say more since I mostly review books.
  7. I love nature even though it’s super hot in Florida all of the time so I rarely go outside for long.
  8. Telling the future interests me a lot. I love to read up on/try out different methods of fortune telling.
  9. This one is mostly just for me. I love being a witch, but I haven’t been practicing much. I feel at home when I do, though.

I don’t really know many other bloggers yet, so I don’t really know who to tag that hasn’t already done it.

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    1. I miss when they’re little! I have two 1 year olds and a 6 year old. I want more, but my wife thinks 3 is enough. You can’t have too many cats! They’re perfection!

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